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Name: Seymour Guado
Age: 31
Gender: Male, mostly
Height: 6'2" / 187cm
Weight: 185lb / 84kg
Appearance: Character art, in-game appearance -- those tattoos on his chest are winged kirin, in case you were wondering.
Sexual orientation: Bisexual, leaning more towards women than men
Top/bottom: Top; on the rare occasions that he plays at bottoming, he will invariably be topping from the bottom
D/s: D, strongly oriented towards psychologically dominating his partners

Please note that this Seymour is actually dominant in the classical D/s sense; the term "dominant" is not being used to express an idea that he generally or vaguely prefers to be in control during sex, or as a substitution for terms like "top" or "seme". With most of his partners he will be actively seeking to gain control over them and override their consent.

His methods are subtle and slow, not dramatic or histrionic. Don't expect him to order your character to lick his boots on a first date - that's not how he works. Instead, expect him to be polite, interesting company while he figures out what kinds of shameful filthy secrets and desires your character is hiding; he will dredge them up and humiliate your character with them, and then do his level best to fulfill them.

He also has a lot of trouble with the idea of boundaries: when he's gunning for control, it isn't just for the encounter or for the night, it's forever. This trouble with boundaries is an IC issue, not an OOC issue. Please don't feel like you need to be shy or polite about any problems with this: let me know if and when you as a player are uncomfortable with Seymour's actions, and they'll stop right away.

He is a very good dancer.