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An endless night

without reprieve, without even the comfort of solitude...

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Name:Seymour Guado, Pleasure Engineer
Birthdate:Mar 17
The Icebound
Sometime Maester, former monk, former priest, former leader of the Guado, half-breed and forsaken son, patricide and perennial sore loser: here lies Seymour Guado, buried alive in his pleasures.

A Short History     Born to parents of mixed race; exiled with his mother to an island so daddy could be a good king in peace; attempted to prove self by saving world via method he would later discover was known to be suicidally false; mother dies; ten years of blackout wandering; then monastery; placement in temple; years of working way through ranks; murders father, takes to the spiritual and temporal throne, and from there makes a very solvent attempt at sacrificial omnicide. Fails. Has spent his post-existence retirement fucking his way into and out of despondency.

Full Disclosure     Player is both picky and flaky.

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aizen sousuke, anal, asami ryuichi, bangin your mom, big ol titties, boys who pose, cawk, coercion, consenting adults, consuming your eternal soul, deep dicking, digital, dominance, dry humping, feminist theory, fresh vegetables, fucking, girls who don't question, having sex, insulting your education, inventive subs, jecht, kissing, kuchiki byakuya, madden 2011, magic, making friends, mirrors, nishi, non-consenting adults, oral, persuasion, pictures of myself, playing god, rent boys, romance, screwing, sephiroth, snatch, squall leonhart, takashima kasumi, taking advantage of you, the arcane, the dark as night, the depraved, the divine, the obscene, the occult, theology, theosophy, vaginal, wet humping, your dirty little secret, yuna

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